The Amazon rumors and reports finally came true on Wednesday, as Amazon released 15 new Alexa-enabled products.  The products seemed to come one after another for those attending the event as Amazon unleashed the products in less than 90 minutes.  In addition to the products, which range from household appliances to car gadgets, Amazon introduced new ways to add Alexa to other devices which are not already Alexa-enabled.  The full list of 15 products can be seen below.

Echo Dot

The new Amazon Echo Dot

Currently, the Echo Dot is the most popular echo speaker.  In fact, according to Amazon senior vice president of devices and services, David Limp, the Echo Dot is the best spelling speaker of all time.  Amazon announced innovation with the new speaker that will make the speaker 70 percent louder and introduce much clearer sound.  In addition, the speaker will contain a fabric face which can be customized to a wide variety of colors.  The new speaker is available for purchase throughout the United States now at a cost of just $49.99.

Echo Plus

The new Amazon Echo Plus

The new Echo Plus, which is the premium, larger version of the Echo Dot, also promises clearer sound quality.  Like the Dot, the Plus will feature a fabric design.  The speaker will build on the previous model and utilize the smart home hub with home commands that work even if WiFi is no available.  The speaker is available for pre-order now, with shipping starting next month.  The new Echo Plus will sell for $149.

Echo Sub

The new Echo Sub with Alexa connects wirelessly to the Echo

The new Echo Sub connects wirelessly with the Echo to provide greater bass, while adding more power a clarity through the Echo. The Echo Sub delivers 100w of deep bass with a downward firing 6″ woofer. The new Echo Sub sells for $129.

Echo Show

The new Amazon Echo Show

Like the other two speakers, the Echo Show is not a new product for Amazon but has some upgraded features.  The newest version of the speaker will feature a 10-inch HD display, fabric body, and improved sound.  The new speaker will also include dual side-firing speakers, an eight-microphone array, integration with Vevo and Hulu, and Microsoft Skype video calling capabilities.  The speaker is available for pre=order now, with shipping starting next month.  The speaker will sell for $229.


The new Amazon Basics Microwave with Alexa

The Amazon Basic Microwave is a new product in the arsenal of Alexa enabled devices.  The microwave works in function with any nearby Echo.  The microwave is still undergoing some testing to fix flaws with voice command technology but is expected to be available this year for a price of $59.99.

Smart Plug

The new Amazon Smart Plug with Alexa

The new smart plug will allow users to plug items directly into it and sync with an existing Echo.  A demo of the product at the event allowed for a smart lamp to be set up in less than 20 seconds using only voice commands.  The plug will sell for $25.

Wall Clock

The new Amazon Echo Wall Clock with Alexa

The new Echo Wall Clock will be useful for customers to set times, alarms, and serve as a stopwatch.  The key feature highlighted by Limp is that with the wall clock, there is no need to worry about daylight savings, as the motor will automatically change the time.  The clock will ship later this year at a price of $30.

Alexa Guard

The Alexa Guard is another new product.  The Guard, a security product, syncs the Echo speakers, smart lights, and security service together.  Thus, users would be able to inform Alexa that they are leaving and all the devices they have would go into the guard mode, where any security breaches or cameras triggered will alert the customer.  Perhaps most importantly, the Alexa Guard will be integrated with Amazon’s new venture Ring and home alarm company ADT.

Security cameras

The new Amazon Stick Up Cam with Alexa

To complement the Alexa Guard, Amazon announced new stick-up security cameras through Ring.  The cameras will come in both wired and wireless versions.  The cameras will ship later this year at a price of $179.99.

Echo Auto

The new Amazon Echo Auto with Alexa

The Echo Auto is an in-car device that can be mounted on the dashboard.  The Auto is built on the new Amazon operating system and connects to the vehicle through the aux chord or Bluetooth.  The Auto utilizes data to understand location-based routines, can ask where the nearest coffee shop is, can read an audiobook, and can call other Echo products.  In addition, it provides navigation through a multitude of popular map apps, like Waze and Google Maps.  The device is priced at $49 and will ship later this year.

Fire TV Recast

The new Amazon Fire TV reCast with Alexa

The Fire TV Recast allows users to get over-the-air TV channels, which can be viewed on mobile devices, the Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Fire TV.  Beyond watch TV, the Fire TV Recast allows for four shows to be recorded at a time.  The new product will sell for $229.

Audio Equipment

The new Amazon Echo Link Amp with Alexa

The new products introduced are called the Echo Link Amp, Echo Sub, and Echo Link.  In total, the products are meant to provide additional bass and sound and can be hooked up to any high-end speakers.  The Echo Link is priced at $199, the Echo Link Amp at $299, and the Echo sub at $129.99.  Pre-order for the Echo Sub is available now, with the other products available later this year or the beginning of next year.

Integration with third-party devices

The new Amazon Echo Input with Alexa plugs into speakers

The new Echo Input will give Alexa capabilities to work with third-party speakers, microphones, and Bluetooth devices.  Amazon will sell the product with their partner Bose at a price of $34.99.  In addition, Amazon introduced the Alexa Connect Kit, which will allow Alex to be added to third-party devices entirely.  Amazon partner with P&G and Hamilton Beach for this product.

New Alexa Capabilities

Finally, Amazon introduced new capabilities in their 90-minute product show.  Soon, Alexa will be able to decipher if a user is whispering and will reply to the user in a whispered voice as well.  In addition, the company will add more podcasts for kids to Alexa and a skill called Alexa Hunches.  Alexa Hunches allows Alexa to combine a number of “asks“ that are done in close order to have them all equated to one command.  Thus, “good night” would translate to turning the lights off and would also recommend other common nighttime activities.

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