When Jack Wijnants struggled to find the perfect catamaran to cruise around the globe with his wife, he discovered the perfect solution – launching his own company called Amasea Yachts, in hopes of creating his idea of the “perfect” catamaran. He desired more privacy from crew, a greater interior personalization, in addition to a vessel made in aluminum.

“The whole story started with our own requirements that could not be met by composite builders. I decided to go back to the drawing board when I was in the market for a 20-25 metre catamaran to cruise the world but couldn’t find what I was looking for,” said Amasea Yachts founder Jack Wijnants.

Amasea released its first model, the 25-meter/84-foot yacht, with exterior design by naval architect Albert Nazarov. The yacht will be built in aluminum and will even feature three decks. Typically catamarans only have two, though the company’s three-deck idea will allow for two galleys, achieving Wijnants’ goal of privacy as one galley will be used for guests and one for the crew. It also has the option to have the master suite on the main deck or the lower deck, as Robb Report states.

Owners of an Amasea yacht will have full control of interior décor, meanwhile it will accommodate a total of 20 passengers and crew. The hull is said to be built at the Amasea Yachts new shipyard in Turkey. From there it will then be fitted out and finished at a yard in either Italy or the Netherlands. The first hull is expected to take nearly 18-20 months to complete, while production is limited to seven units per year.

The Amasea Yachts tri-deck catamaran is capable of cross the Atlantic Ocean without refueling and the aluminum alloy hull will be reinforced for cruising in high altitudes. The yacht also provides enough dry and cold storage to last at sea for six weeks, allowing long-range cruises.

The yachts will be powered by two MTU 10V 2000 M96 engines producing 1,920 horsepower each. It will reach a top speed of 18 knots and a cruise speed of 11 knots. For those wanting a “cleaner, greener, quite machine,” Robb Report notes there is even a hybrid propulsion package in the making.

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