Alicia Heilmann and Morgan Walton

It looks like Alicia Heilmann and Morgan Walton are also being charged for either sexually assaulting old people, or at least knowing about it and not saying anything.  The whole thing is pretty disgusting.   I hope all 4 of these girls get what they deserve.  You have to really wonder how these parents feel.  Of course they are going to defend their kids in public, but you know they must be dying of shame inside.  Unless they too think it’s funny to hurt old people.  

What do you even do with people like Alicia Heilmann and Morgan Walton?  Or Brianna Broitzaman and Ashton Larson?

By the way, does anyone have pics of Alicia Heilmann or Morgan Walton?  I couldn’t find any for the post.


  1. ok 5 of the 6 are actually 18 years old now.
    Their Dates of birth:
    Brianna M. Broitzman, dob: 06/2/1989;
    Ashton M Larson, dob:01/14/1990;
    Alicia M Heilmann, dob: 08/01/1990;
    KNN, dob: 05/18/1990;
    SLS, dob: 05/05/1991; (currently 17 years old)
    RMM, dob: 08/31/1990;
    JMS, dob: 05/18/1990;
    Morgan R Walton, dob: 08/17/1990.

    As you can see the others are now 18… They are of legal age.
    This info came from the court papers.
    Who are the others?

    • really get a life, how are you going to throw someone buisiness you dont know on the internet?

      you people are pathetic and dont even know these girls.

  2. (link not working)

    i don’t know if this one will give you a picture but if it does that is brianna on the very right an ashton right next to her

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