Air Conditioner Repair Guy Needed in Henderson

It has been hitting temperatures around the 115 degrees here in Henderson, Nevada.  It’s weeks like these that make me very happy I have good air conditioning.

When I moved into this house last August, it was also insanely hot.   So we cranked up the AC, and sure enough it went out on me.   I called an air conditioning repair shop to come and take a look.   According to the shop, the unit was busted and I would require an entire new system.

To make matters worse, I have two air conditioners.   One was built in 1979, the other in 1993.   Sure enough, it’s the newer one the guy says needs to be replaced.   Since I don’t like the idea of having the really old one going, knowing that it could die out on me any day, I figure I should just price out replacing both.

To replace both units with super efficient AC’s, the price would have been about $12,000.   Truly an insane price.   So I decided to get a second opinion.

I’m not close to my step-father.   He enjoys his wrestling and other stuff like that, and we don’t have much in common.   But I do have to admit to admiring his work ethic.   He handles maintenance for apartment complexes in Phoenix.   This guy hauls big AC’s unit up roofs to install.   He is also a certified AC guy with over a decade of experience installing air conditioners.   So I had him come out and take a look.

To fix this thing took him literally about 30 minutes, and less than $10 in parts.   It looks like the Henderson air conditioning place I called was going to screw me over on this thing.

But I do think I might have to replace the units soon.   So now I have to start looking out for the best air conditioning repair people in Henderson Nevada.   If any of you know someone, let me know.


  1. Well that sounds like most of our experience in Henderson, NV too. (I also read the landscaper blog) Trust is so important as well as quality. I now have a problem in my master bathroom – water leak behind the tiles – and I am going to import a contractor from Colorado because he does high end homes and I trust his work. If people showed up when they promised, well I wouldn't be commenting now would I?

    Onward: Sunrise Service Inc. is our HVAC company and the guys are wonderful. They are proactive and I do have them on a twice a year program to come out and check my systems. We were nursing my AC unit along (it was born in 1994) and finally had to swap out for a new one this year. What our HVAC company suggested was a unit that could operate off of the existing furnish, saving us $7,000.00. We also got a discount on the AC unit. It runs great, the guy does clean work. Shows up on time and is confirmed before the employee comes over. You can reach them at: 702-568-5300.

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