A Wallaby as a Pet

So when you think wallaby are you thinking kangaroo from Australia? That is partially true but did you know that wallabies actually make wonderful pets.

The wallaby is a marsupial closely related to the possum and the koala. They are native to Australia but can also be found in New Zealand. They are smaller than kangaroos and come in a wide variety of species. A wallaby will reach 30 to 60 inches in height and can weight anywhere in between 30 and 50 pounds at full maturity. The actual height, weight, color and defining characteristics will vary on the species.

Wallabies are usually sold when they are very young, and called Joeys. Joeys needs a lot of care and require a tremendous amount of attention. They will need to be bottle fed and nursed around the clock. Proper weaning is very important when caring for a young wallaby. Joeys should be raised inside the home for the first year at least if not the first two.

You can keep your wallaby outside in the yard but they prefer the cold weather. Also, a wallaby will need a large yard to play and graze in. The enclosure should be secure with tall solid walls. They can jump so make sure the walls are tall enough, at least 6 feet. Include a shaded area to provide shelter from the weather. A wallaby can be trained to live indoors but it may not provide them with enough exercise and they may become destructive jumping on counters and cupboards.

Wallabies can be extremely devoted and loving. When shown love and attention they tend to reciprocate the feeling. They can even be trained to walk on a leash, which will surely impress the neighbors.

Wallabies naturally like foliage just let them graze on fresh grass, bushes and leaves. The graze needs to be organic with no chemicals. They will also enjoy hay, fruit, vegetables, herbs and pellets. You can also purchase special kangaroo or wallaby feed. Keep plenty of tree branches and wood around for your wallaby to chew on and sharpen their teeth. You should also provide your wallaby with a comfortable pouch to sleep in.

You may encounter legal restrictions on owning a pet wallaby so make sure you check with your local law enforcement agency and animal control to verify the current laws and regulations before adopting. It may be difficult finding a veterinarian that treats your exotic pet. Ask your veterinarian if they specialize in treating exotic animals specifically the wallaby. They may be able to refer you to someone who treats them. Your wallaby will need yearly checkups.


  1. […] Info: Kangaroos aren’t allowed to be kept as pets outside of Australia (it seems they can gut you with one kick to the stomach…huh), however, Wallabys are kosher. They can be loving dedicated pets with plenty of love, however the walls you build to fence them in need to be at least 6 feet high so they don’t jump away forever. More info here. […]

  2. If you pet them, Do they tend to run away like snakes? For example, Fence is only 1 ft, runs away and never comes back. That would be a disaster lol.

  3. Some of this info does not mesh with what I was told by real wallaby owners – example, they 'enjoy' a cold environment (they get respiratory disease early so DONT leave them in the cold).

  4. From what I hear only Bennett's Wallabies enjoy the cold, but they need to be kept outside during the fall to build up there winters coat. But for the most part, they are pretty resilient to weather conditions. Just don't keep them outside in anything you wouldn't keep your dog out in. Also they need shelter if outside.

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