13 Year Old Boy Sleeps with Two Teachers

Teacher-student relations, how close is too close? Just when we thought the string of teacher and student sexual relationships was cooling off we get bombarded with this one.

At bountiful Junior High School in Utah two teachers are being accused of having sex with the same student. The sexual relationships are said to have sprouted from personal conversations to the exchange of sexual text messages and phone sex. Accused teacher #1, Linda Nef, a Utah studies teacher and cheerleading adviser. Accused teacher #2, Valynne Bowers, teaches math.

Both of the teachers have admitted to having sex with the boy for the last year. Both Nef and Bowers were booked into the Davis County Jail. Maybe the two can share a jail cell where they can cat fight over the 13-year-old. Both have said that they were unaware of the others relationship with the boy.

The investigation so far indicates that none of the sexual acts took place on school campus. Instead, the teachers allegedly went to the boy’s home, parking lots or parks. I’m curious to know where this boy’s parents were when his lady-friends were inviting themselves over to his house.

In today’s society our kids learn about sex from an early age and begin having sex at an early age. Given the mindset of a teenage boy in America this teenager would probably be labeled as ‘lucky’ amongst his peers. Chances are he was a willing partner for both women but at what age is he mentally capable to make such a decision? Is the boy a victim or not? Another thing to consider, gender roles, what if the teachers were male and the student was a 13-year-old female.

Now, for a full-grown adult woman to want to have sex with a minor is perverted and disgusting. There may be deeper, more personal issues for both women.

The statistics show that since 2007 there have been at least 10 other Utah teachers or school employees/officials charged with engaging in sexual acts with students.


  1. Heck.. the kids hit the jackpot if you ask me.. I mean he was having sex with the one teacher for over a year.. I don't think he was thinking he was getting 'abused'.

  2. Whats wrong with you. I personally think that well HELLOO the women should have known that it was wrong of her to sleep the 13 year old. They should not have of taken advantage of him.
    I am 13 years old and female. I think that that child has to have some mental issues if he wasn't smart enough to not sleep the women. I would NEVER EVER SLEEP WITH ANYONE!!!

  3. Luis is Female on what part of the planet? Beyond that – I have a feeling he got the idea of having sex with the teachers from society at large – not from the particular teachers. What the heck the teachers were thinking is anybody's guess. Still, I have a hard time believing he was coerced in any way by two teachers independently, at different places, times and for over a year. At what point in time can we say this minor acted of his own volition and may have even victimized the teachers with his behavior? Would it matter if he slept with 20 teachers at five schools? Is there a point on this line where the illusion of innocence breaks? If so, where is it, for whom, and why?

  4. haha! so he wuz bangin 2 teachers? what does he look like? he betta be kute if they're goin to jail ova him or sunin! lolz. but on the real, why would sum 30 sumtins wanna bang a 13 year old? i'm tellin ya. the world is crazy

  5. I think its time we started punishing kids for behaving like this, otherwise kids will get the wrong message and think its alright to go shagging anyone.

    • You do understand that this boy is a victim, right? Despite the jokes about this kid being a bit of a player, in all seriousness, he is the victim and needs to be protected. Do you think we should start arresting rape victims too?

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