Shaun Holguin

Shaun Holguin is the ex-husband of Jodie Sweetin.   He married the Full House actress when she was 20 years old. Good pull Shaun.   Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it work, and she divorced Shaun.  

According to Wikipedia, Shaun Holguin is an officer with the LAPD.   So when he found out that Jodie Sweetin was using meth, I can’t help but think he wasn’t thrilled.   That’s what you get for marrying a sitcom star.  

After Shaun and Jodie divorced, Sweetin went on to marry Cody Herpin.   Cody is the one I’m wondering if we’ll see a Jodie Sweetin sex tape from.   I think Shaun Holguin is too much of a good guy to do such a thing, but I don’t know about Herpin.   He seems a little shifty to me.  


  1. Most cops are perverts who do WORSE! Trust me, I know, I do copwatch and they do tend to go for fucked up, or indigent, ignorant or poor womyn or girls, literally, little girls, damn perverts…especially LAPD!

    • You do copwatch? Try getting to know officers and you’ll be surprised. I’ve known many cops who are extremely family oriented, spiritual and intelligent. I’m not saying all cops are perfect, because there’s always bad apples in every bunch, but you can’t generalize. Making such generalized comments do nothing, but make you look ignorant.

  2. Ive known Shaun, well knew Shaun from age 9 until I was 13. He dated my sister. They were each others first. He was a very straight laced guy. Even in his teens. He was 15 until 19 (last time I saw him). So I can say for a fact he is a good guy. My sister and him broke up mutually from what I recall. So if you say you heard, or that you know shit about him and it’s negative you are lying out your ass. He has always hated all drugs even pot.

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