About Ed Shull

Thanks for taking an interest in me personally, I love stalkers!   My name is Ed Shull, I’m 37 years old, and I live with my teenage son Michael in Henderson, NV.   I was born outside of Chicago, and I bounced around a lot as a kid.   I grew up mostly in Orange County, California.

I’m the CEO, and lead consultant at the Internet marketing firm USWeb,.   I work from home, which allows me to waste a lot of my time on things like maintaining a blog and playing on Facebook.   As luck would have it, that’s mostly what my clients want to me to do.

I don’t have a healthy amount of hobbies, but I do like movies.   I especially love going to film festivals, with SXSW being   my favorite.   I also like to play poker, but I’m not very good.

Ed in front of computer.JPG

I do love travel, although I don’t get to as many places as I would like.   In the past couple of years I have made it to Hong Kong, Macau, London, Paris and Costa Rica.   All the trips were fun, but Costa Rica was the only one that felt remotely like a vacation.   I of course did work in each location, so it’s never really a vacation.

I also enjoy music and books. My favorite artists change frequently, but right now I really enjoy  Bob Schneider and  Jude Cole.   My favorite fiction writers are  Kurt Vonnegut,  Nick Hornby and  John Irving.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.    Feel free to contact me.

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